How we found our passion!

Our History

JET Mode Media Academy, Inc. is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. As such, donations are tax-deductible to the fullest length of the law. JET Mode Media Academy was founded in 2019 by Dallas native Jennifer Turner. As a middle and high school CTE educator for 11 years, Jennifer’s lasting devotion to helping African American and Latino students find careers in the technology and digital media industry was the inspiration for the creation of JET Mode Media Academy. While a high school graphic design teacher, Jennifer noticed several problems with students taking her class. 1) Students did not have enough time to create in a 45 minute class. 2) The students lack the resources to create outside of class. 3) Students were not exposed to a variety of mentors and industry professionals. Jennifer kept this in mind and as she began to take her students on field trips to design agencies, she noticed that African Americans and Latinos accounted for 1% of the company. Her students did not see how they could work in an industry that was not representative of them.

Our Vision: Create a digital media workforce that represents youth from diverse backgrounds

Our Mission: Develop how the next generation of digital media professionals are trained and supported.

    Our Goal: Empower students to become creators of digital media rather than just consumers.

Jennifer has began to garner community support to help launch JET Mode Academy’s first training workshop, which launched in the winter of 2019 with 7 participants. The rest of the story is up to all of us to define. Will we talk about diversity or will we act? Will we invest time and fiscal resources to programs that seek to inspire change? Will we mentor? Will we speak up and out? JET Mode Media Academy asks the same question to you, what will you do to create change, in our industry, in our community and our country?

Lunch & Learn

We partner with schools and organizations to offer lunch and conversations with professionals to gain insight into digital media industry operations.

Graphic Design & Animation

We offer project-based learning that gives students the ability to recreate published advertisements, and also express their own creativity in making original pieces.

Think Tank

We offer monthly and weekly meetings where teens participate in guided brainstorming, pitching and creative problem-solving sessions while networking with other creatives and industry professionals.

Software Development & Coding

We offer training that prepare students with the skills they need to develop their own apps and games in languages such as C#, and Java.

Film & Digital Storytelling

Students team up with like-minded peers to express themselves and their creativity through film. Students learn to develop a story, write a script, shoot unique shots, and edit their film all to create a movie of their own.

Video Game Design

We offer training on game design fundamentals, how to design, code, and improve 2D or 3D games. Students have the opportunity to create their own video games, design levels, characters, and full games.

Help Us Raise Funds for Resources

Your support ensures that our young creatives have the resources, training, and experience they need to create their own realities.