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Preparing the next generation of digital storytellers to redesign the design industry
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Our vision is to provide engaging curricula, workshops, technical training, mentorship and college guidance support that clears paths and opens doors for teens of color in design media.

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Volunteers fuel and support our success.

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Our mission is to prepare the next generation of digital storytellers to design, market, and build equitable relationships to become entrepreneurs in the creative and technology design industries.

Create Your Own Reality
JET Mode Media Academy was created to boost the creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills of youth. Our Project-Based Learning approach merges media, technology, entrepreneurship and education to promote the social, academic and career development of teens.


Generational poverty. Anger. Behavior. Emotional Trauma. Truancy. Juvenile Delinquency.


JET Mode Media Academy: Resources. Skills. Collaboration. Compassion. Mentorship. Stability. Real-world Experiences. Passion.

Through JET Mode Media Academy, teens are taught to alleviate the impact of their vulnerable conditions by thinking beyond their environments and circumstances and turning social issues into hands on digital compassion projects that are positive, and that benefit themselves, their school and their communities. JET Mode strives to motivate young creatives in discovering then pursuing their passions and build empires from it!

When students leave our program, they will know how to create jobs, freelance and/or get jobs within the digital media/tech industry. They will have also learned how to network, advocate and be intentional in their academic pursuits. 

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    June 4, 2020
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