Open Studio Workshops

Up to 30 creatives ages 11-18 participate in hands-on, project-based learning experiences that focus on digital storytelling (i.e., photography, film, web design, graphic design, editing, marketing/branding). Our short, immersive workshops include weekend, weeknight and mobile workshops brought directly to schools and youth-serving organizations. The workshops provide networking and exposure to industry professionals who are passionate about their craft and helping students take the next step in their journey.

  • 4 hour workshop, locations vary
  • $35-$50/student, includes lunch
  • Participation- and completion-based certifications

Each month, JET Mode Academy goes directly into schools and youth-serving organizations offering lunch and conversations with professionals to gain insight into specific industry operations. We offer an opportunity for students to network with professionals, collaborate with other like-minded peers in an informal atmosphere to collaborate and learn inspiring, valuable tools. Creatives are provided lunch in a group setting while simultaneously utilizing that time to engage in an industry related presentation.

  • 90 minute presentation led by an industry professional
  • $5-$20 for each student  

Weekly, teens with a knack for entrepreneurship participate in guided brainstorming, pitching and creative problem-solving sessions while networking with other creatives and industry professionals. Students are encouraged to bring ideas and plenty of questions on how to launch the next media and tech business.

  • First and third Tuesday of the month from 6-8 p.m.
  • FREE
  • Location varies

JET Mode Media Academy CR8 Conference is an annual 3-5 day hands on, immersive event platform designed to help future teen innovators and entrepreneurs discover their passion and connect them with the resources and mentors to do it.  We partner with Media and Tech colleges to provide space, room and board for young creatives to Create, Connect and Collaborate. Each summer our conference will gather in a different city and state allowing teens to collaborate with other teens from different backgrounds and environments. Students will be able to decide what they want to learn by choosing workshop sessions and presentations that include a wide range of industry topics (i.e. E-Sports, motion graphics, animation, video production, digital storytelling, graphic design).

Contact us here to bring a workshop to your school or organization.